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 Best items to create runes

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Best items to create runes Empty
PostSubject: Best items to create runes   Best items to create runes EmptyFri Jan 15, 2010 11:12 am

What is the best way to get runes ?

As i try a lot of exotic maging (pm on headband, pa on kralano for example), I am always in search for the best items to craft to get the runes i need.

Here is what I commonly use to make my runes :
CharacteristicSize (power) + Rune Name + Item
Small (+1) Age Rune -
Medium (+3) Pa Age Rune Elorie Entuwan's Cruel Daggers
Huge (+10)Ra Age RuneElorie Entuwan's Cruel Daggers (34+)
Small (+1) Cha Rune -
Medium (+3) Pa Cha Rune Horned Staff
Huge (+10)Ra Cha RuneHorned Staff (34+), Dark Miner Amulet (34+)
Small (+1) Ine Rune -
Medium (+3) Pa Ine Rune Kokokette Belt
Huge (+10)Ra Ine RuneKokokette Belt (34+)
Small (+1) Fo Rune -
Medium (+3) Pa Fo Rune Kokokette Bel, Tremendous Dakn Staff
Huge (+10)Ra Fo RuneKokokette Bel, Tremendous Dakn Staff
Small (+3) Vi Rune Elorie Entuwan's Cruel Daggers
Medium (+10) Pa Vi Rune Kitsou Wrap
Huge (+30)Ra Vi RuneKitsou Cap
Small (+1) Sa Rune Elorie Entuwan's Cruel Daggers
Medium (+3) Pa Sa Rune Amulet of Luck
Huge (+10)Ra Sa RuneAmulet of Luck
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Best items to create runes
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